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Coming up with your own marketing plan can be a daunting game of trial-and-error, often rushed by the more immediate demands of your customers. Many of our clients are interested in an email marketing program, a social media presence, and special events, but don’t have the know-how, time, or resources to figure out which options are best for their business. Lori Varsames Ink approaches your marketing goals in three steps:

1.  PERSONAL VISIT: We begin with a personal visit to your workplace and aim to get a holistic look at the different aspects of your business by hearing from you what is working and what’s not, learning about your priorities, and considering your budget and long-term goals.

2.  INDIVIDUALIZED MARKETING STRATEGY: Taking the information you’ve given us from our meeting, we design a strategy specifically geared to your needs that will help implement your objectives, improve communication with your customers, gain better market visibility, and add greater value to your products or services.

3.  WATCH YOUR BUSINESS GROW: Our 12-month marketing plan is your guideline. Whether you and your staff take it on yourself or hire us to accomplish the to-do list, you’ll have what you need to get the ball rolling.

Consultation Rates

Rates vary according to the scope of the project and the approximate timeline. Consultations are a regular billable service to clients who have already engaged us in writing or design projects.

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