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Lori Varsames - Marketing Consultant, Content Management, Copywriting


Lori Varsames is a professional writer, communications strategist and small-business marketer based in Sonoma, CA, the heart of wine country. With a team of graphic and web designers, Lori Varsames Ink tailors marketing communications to the specific needs of clients in the wine, food, travel and wellness sectors, as well as many other businesses who are passionate about their products and services. Promoting your expertise with creativity and authenticity is what we do best.

Old or New: What Do You Value?

Posted in Marketing.

I’m fascinated by technique. Whether traditional or modern, it’s always interesting to learn about what makes a better product, let alone what motivates people to buy it. Why do certain people favor old ways of doing things and others new? I'm equally fascinated by how companies choose to present themselves and their processes. Some old-school methods have become as trendy as ever. Likewise, techniques couched as cutting-edge are really nothing more than innovations on old ideas. Isn't the iPod just a new incarnation of the Walkman?


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