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Lori Varsames - Marketing Consultant, Content Management, Copywriting


Lori Varsames is a professional writer, communications strategist and small-business marketer based in Sonoma, CA, the heart of wine country. With a team of graphic and web designers, Lori Varsames Ink tailors marketing communications to the specific needs of clients in the wine, food, travel and wellness sectors, as well as many other businesses who are passionate about their products and services. Promoting your expertise with creativity and authenticity is what we do best.

Review: El Somni

Posted in Food.

This film review was originally written for the online magazine, Eat Drink FilmsIt is used here with their permission. El Somni will have its San Francisco premiere on October 24th at Eat Drink Film's Food Day/Film Day celebration.

el-somni-posterLet’s face it, when food lovers sit down to enjoy a food-related film, they expect to be seduced. But few imagine the true feast for the senses that is El Somni (The Dream). Director Franc Aleu’s ethereal film documents a highly elite celebratory dinner, where the whole of the participants’ creativity is depicted as greater than the sum of their parts. This multisensory experience mirrors the event itself, but make no mistake, this is no simple food seduction. This is the story of a members-only dinner of the mutual admiration society, and fortunately, the audience gets to watch.


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